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Common Myths About Workers’ Compensation

If you believe them, you might end up not getting all that you are entitled to if you are hurt while working.

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If you work in the state of Missouri, your employer is mandated to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This is an insurance policy that ensures that if an employee is injured while working, the employer has the resources to pay for the injury. There are many common misconceptions about how workers’ compensation works. If you believe them, you might end up not getting all that you are entitled to if you are hurt while working.

I can’t afford a St. Louis workers compensation lawyer to fight my denial

Workers’ compensation attorneys typically work the same as personal injury lawyers. They only collect if you do, which means that they work on a contingency basis. If you are having a hard time getting your workers’ compensation claim approved, you don’t have to put money out to fight the insurance company. The lawyer you hire will take the case on a contingency basis, and only take fees if you end up winning the case.

If you don’t report your injury immediately, then you can’t collect

There are some injuries that feel like nothing when they happen but can turn significant quickly. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that if you didn’t report your injury immediately, then you are out of luck to collect. You have up to 30 days to notify your employer that you were injured while working. Although it is always best to notify your employer immediately, if you did not, that does not mean that you can’t still file a claim.

All independent contractors are exempt

If you are an independent contractor and get hurt, there are times when you are eligible to collect and others that you are not. But don’t just assume that you can’t make a claim. There are some instances when independent contractors are covered by their employer. So you will have to ask and find out what the conditions of your employment and eligibility requirements are.

You have to go to the insurance company’s doctor

If you have an injury and the insurance company refers you to a doctor, and you feel you aren’t getting the care you need or your injury is not being addressed, you do have the right to seek an outside opinion. An independent medical evaluation is typically initiated by the insurance company to prove that you weren’t injured. But if you think that the physician hired by the insurance company isn’t giving you the proper care, you may go outside of them to get a second opinion. You have a one-time option to see someone if you aren’t satisfied with the care you receive.

The worst mistake that you can make when you are injured on the job is to make assumptions about what you can and can’t do, and what you are or aren’t entitled to. Make sure to get the facts and know what your rights and responsibilities are by consulting a professional St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyer.

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Updated: May 13, 2020