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Loading Dock Work Accidents – St Louis Work Injury Attorney


Loading docks are flooded with potential dangers that put those that work on them at serious risk of injury.

Loading Dock Work Injury

Working on a loading dock can be a dangerous job. They are busy places with many people getting on with their job. There is heavy machinery being operated and trucks and other vehicles such as fork lifts. Then there are the goods that are usually packaged up into heavy units. All of these factors increase the injury of risk for workers.

Here are some of the common types of injuries that loading dock workers are at risk of experiencing.

Slip and Fall Accidents

In the docks, there are plenty of ways in which a worker can slip or fall. In such a busy working area, it's not uncommon for there to be many tripping hazards. Additionally there may be spilled water or oil on the floor which can make surfaces slippery. Of course there is also the added concern of potential falls from the edge of the dock itself.

Hazardous Chemical Injuries

Working on a dock often requires a worker to deal with all sorts of loads. Some of these may include dangerous, hazardous chemicals. If not handled correctly or properly packaged, this can cause injuries.


Docks tend to be  are noisy places. Trucks and other machinery are often on or being used in these areas. Working with loud noises, especially over a a long period of time, can actually cause problems with your hearing.

Strains and Pains

Dock work can be tough going. There may be a lot of lifting involved. This can lead to some serious long term injuries to the back, the knees and the spine.

Crushed Injuries

If a load has not been properly secured, it can move during travel and then when the doors are open it can fall on unsuspecting dock worker and they can be crushed, causing serious injury. In addition, fork lifts are often used to take materials in or out and this can create a hazardous work environment. Some workers have suffered a crush injury by tractor trailers as they’re baking up into the dock.

Vehicle Related Incidents

In a busy dock, vehicle related accidents are quite common. Truck drivers may not see busy workers as they back up to the docks. When workers are busy, they are rushing around all over the place and easily step out in front of a truck or a fork lift. When it comes to fork lifts, there are additional issues that can occur. They can tip over, or even fall off the edge of the dock.

Have You Been Injured at Work?

Have you suffered from any of these illnesses or accidents? If you’ve been hurt, or if you have an ongoing issue that has been caused as a result of your such as chronic back pain or hearing loss, then you may be able to file a workers compensation claim. If you find any difficulty in getting the workers compensation benefits you deserve, you should immediately seek legal help from an experienced St. Louis work related injury lawyer, who can protect your rights.

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Updated: October 14, 2022
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