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Snowplow Work Injuries – Common Causes and How to Recover Compensation


When snow falls, snowplow drivers are close behind. These workers are essential to clearing the roads and ensuring that, at least when it comes to driving, everything can continue to run smoothly even in not so ideal conditions.

However, these workers are often at risk of many forms of injuries.

What Are the Common Causes of Snowplow Injuries?

Snowplows actually only refer to the device mounted on the vehicle that’s meant to clear the roads of snow, but most people tend to refer to the entire vehicle as a snowplow.

Though a driver won’t necessarily use a lot of speed while using the snowplow, they are still at high risk of car accidents, especially because of other oncoming cars that may not be too careful.

In fact, most of the possible injuries workers may sustain comes from a wrong move made by other drivers:

  • Trying to pass
  • Following too closely
  • Not paying attention to what the snowplow driver is doing (sometimes they may need to stop abruptly, and if the driver behind isn’t paying attention, they can bump directly into the snowplow)

Additionally, even if the driver is only going around 35 miles per hour, it still may not be safe. The roads may have some unknown defects that have been covered by the snow, which can make them lose control and go off-road. Additionally, not wearing the right equipment also opens the worker to an array of health issues due to the cold.

How to Get Compensated

If you get injured while on the job, or sick because of the working conditions, you are legally entitled to worker’s comp benefits. To get it, you first have to inform your employer of your injury, and then tell them you want to apply for workers’ comp.

It’s best to inform your employer in writing – that way you have proof you followed this step in case something goes wrong. Remember to keep a copy for yourself, and add as many details as you can:

  • When and where the injury took place
  • What your injury is
  • What other people witnessed it, etc.

After that, it’s technically all up to your employer. They will get in touch with the insurance company and give you the green light to continue your treatment. If you bump into any issues, speak with your work injury attorney.

Protect Your Legal Rights

Snowplow drivers face an array of risks at their job, but they can at least rest assured that worker’s comp will generally cover their medical costs. If you’ve been injured while at work, get in touch with a St. Louis workers compensation attorney to see what your option legal options are and devise the best strategy.

They may even help you in the event your claim gets denied by the insurance company.

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