I’m Scheduled For Work Hardening Or Work Conditioning. What Should I Expect?

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Work hardening and work conditions are two phrases that usually point to the final stage of your worker’s compensation physical therapy. Worker’s compensation claims aren’t always as straightforward as people assume. The scenario where you get injured, get treated, and go back to work as if nothing happened isn’t a reality for all Missouri workers. … Read more

Updated: July 27, 2020

Is Physical Therapy Necessary After a Work Injury?

Work Injury Lawyers St. Louis

When you get injured, you want to receive the best treatment possible so that the injury does not uproot your entire life. Those in Missouri who get injured on the job are generally entitled to workers’ comp benefits, which help them access this medical care without having to pay out of pocket, or through personal … Read more

Updated: May 26, 2020

Will Workers Compensation Insurance Pay for My Physical Therapy?

Work Injury Lawyers St. Louis

If you meet the requirements, your workers compensation benefits should cover the cost of your physical therapy treatment. Physical therapy (PT) is one of the most common types of medical treatment following a work injury claim. Doctors often prescribe physical therapy as a medical treatment for a number of different work injuries. If the doctor … Read more

Updated: April 29, 2019