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Top 5 Occupations Associated With Severe Back Injuries


According to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, back injuries account for over 20% of all injuries in the workplace.

back injury at work

Unfortunately, most occupations involve activities that put workers at greater risk of developing back-related issues. Below is a summary of the top five occupations associated with severe back injuries

1. Driving

Back pain is one of the most prevalent injuries among professional drivers. A professional driver’s job requires one to remain fixed in one position for an extended period, typically over 4 hours daily. Unfortunately, driving for long periods irritates the spine, discs, and nerves, exposing drivers to poor posture and lower back pain.  

Additionally, driving subjects the body to sudden movements, such as accelerations, decelerations, and side-to-side swaying – which can put a driver at greater risk of developing back injuries.

2. Construction Work  

Construction work involves spending long hours engaging in intense physical activities such as standing, lifting, climbing, carrying heavy items, and constant bending. These movements combined with awkward postures can put a strain on the body and cause back injuries.

Additionally, repetitive tasks and poor ergonomics when working on a ladder or scaffold can put a lot of pressure on workers’ spines, leading to severe back injuries. What’s more, construction workers can slip/fall and fracture their spinal column. This can, in turn, lead to conditions characterized by chronic back pain.

3. Nursing and Health Care Services

Healthcare jobs also rank among the top occupations for back pain. Healthcare workers may constantly move, lift, and push patients around on wheelchairs and stretchers. Manual patient handling puts a strain on health workers and can lead to musculoskeletal disorders and severe back injuries. 

Also, nurses and health care providers stand for long periods, increasing their likelihood of getting spinal problems.

4. Warehousing Jobs

Warehouse workers have physically demanding jobs. These occupations involve repetitive lifting, twisting, bending, pulling, and pushing. Sadly, these activities cause poor posture and can result in back pain. 

What’s more, warehouse workers spend most of the day on their feet, thereby stressing the back and abdominal muscles. Additionally, workers can slip and fall due to slippery floors and fracture their backs.

5. Landscaping

Landscaping involves lots of sudden awkward movements that can lead to back strains or spasms.

Additionally, landscapers constantly work on ladders to trim tall fences, which expose them to falls. Unfortunately, the impact of such falls can cause life-threatening back injuries or even death.

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Updated: May 3, 2023
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