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Work Related Hand and Wrist Injuries

When a person experiences a hand or wrist injury at work, the consequences may vary. Some injuries may require the application of a brace, splint, or cast.

Most of us have experienced a finger, hand or wrist injury at some point in our life. Usually they are minor and require very little, if any, medical attention. However, depending on a person’s job, the risk of injury to these areas is more common and can be more serious. Work-related tasks can result in an acute, or sudden, injury or may be an overuse injury.

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Types of Acute Injuries:

  • Bruises on the hand or wrist
  • Ligament injuries
  • Tendon injuries
  • Sprains or strains of joints and muscles
  • Hand or wrist fractures
  • Dislocations
  • A crushed hand or wrist

Types of Overuse Injuries:

This type of injury occurs when a person’s job requires them to repeat the same activity over and over again and at the same time causes too much pressure on a joint or another part of the hand or wrist.

When a person experiences a hand or wrist injury at work, the consequences may vary. Some injuries may require the application of a brace, splint, or cast. In some cases, physical therapy or surgery may be required. These types of treatments may limit or prohibit the amount of work that one is able to perform. This factor can have a dramatic financial effect on both lost wages and medical bills.

5 Tips to Prevent Hand Injuries at Work

Whether you’re a carpenter, a doctor, or a hair stylist, there’s always the potential for an accident that could leave you with a  hand injury. As we’ve discussed, while some of these injuries are minor and will heal quickly, others can be much more serious, resulting in lost time from work, disability, and even amputation.

Here are 5 tips to prevent hand juries on the job.

1. Wear the Proper Protective Gear

One of the most important things you can do to avoid hand injuries at work is to wear the proper protective gear. This includes gloves, which can help to protect your hands from sharp objects, chemicals, and other hazards.

st. louis worker putting on work gloves

2. Pay Attention to What You’re Doing

Whether you’re operating machinery or simply moving boxes around, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and take care with your hands. If you’re not paying attention, it’s easy to make a mistake that could lead to an injury.

Additionally, it’s important to follow all safety protocols and use the proper safety equipment when working. This will help protect your hands from both common accidents and more serious injuries. 

3. Don’t Take Shortcuts

It’s easy to get complacent at work and start taking shortcuts. Maybe you don’t take the time to put on your gloves when handling chemicals, or maybe you try to speed through a task without following the proper safety procedures. It’s important to remember that taking shortcuts can put you at risk for a hand injury. Even if you’ve been doing a job for years, it’s still important to follow the proper safety protocols. 

4. Know Your Limits

Whether it’s lifting something too heavy or using a tool that’s too powerful for you, pushing yourself beyond your limits is a recipe for disaster. That’s why it’s so important to know your limits and stick to them.

If you’re unsure whether you can safely lift something, ask for help. If you’re not comfortable using a certain tool, don’t be afraid to say so. Most importantly, pay attention to your body and take breaks when you feel tired.

5. Do Some Prep Work

This means taking a few minutes to assess the task at hand and identify any potential hazards. For example, if you’re using power tools, make sure you understand how to operate them safely. If you’re going to be working with sharp tools, make sure that they are properly sharpened and that you have a good grip on them. When you’re not using them, ensure they’re properly secured so they don’t slip and cause an injury.

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Work Related Injuries

Updated: June 15, 2022