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Finger Amputation After a St. Louis Work Injury


Finger amputations can be devastating because they are often not just a physical injury, but they can also take an emotional toll on you as you struggle to adjust.

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An estimated 50,000 amputations occur every year in the USA, and the most common form is finger amputations. Though there are many things that may lead to it, a lot of American workers are exposed to higher risks because of their working environment.

Those operating heavy machinery or sharp objects can, unfortunately, experience it. However, they generally have the right to workers compensation if they do.

Understanding Your Injury

In short, a finger amputation involves severing one (or more) fingers or thumbs. Most often, it is caused by direct trauma to the hand, either as a result of direct amputation or later because of other medical complications.

In some cases, severed fingers can successfully be reattached to the hand if you get to the hospital in time. However, if you are left with an amputation, studies, unfortunately, show your troubles don’t end there.

Amputation victims may struggle to figure out how to conduct daily activities, need to find a new job, or even develop mental health issues as a result of their trauma. Finger amputations could potentially force you to change your entire life.

What Are You Entitled to?

Missouri workers have a right to workers comp if they get injured at their job. However, there is no mention in the law of how much an injured worker may get as a result of their injuries.

The amount of benefits is generally established based on:

In Missouri, you can either opt for weekly lifetime payment or a lump sum. For the first option, you will get weekly benefits or reimbursements for all eligible costs for the injury, while a lump sum will allow you to get the entire negotiated benefits in one or two transactions.

Those who are forced to change their employment as a result of their amputation often opt for the lump sum option to have some financial security while they get their life together. However, you should know that in a lump sum negotiation it’s almost impossible to figure out the true cost you’re entitled to, so it’s possible to get less than you should. You should discuss your options with an experienced St. Louis workers compensation attorney.

What Should You Do?

Though you are not legally required to, it is in your best interests to reach out to an experienced attorney if you suffered a finger amputation as a result of your job. This way, you have a much better chance of getting a fair settlement for your injuries. Additionally, a lawyer can also recommend other financing programs you may be eligible for, such as disability benefits. 

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