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6 Grocery Store Hazards That Often Lead to Workers Compensation Claims

Working in a grocery store might seem like a nice, safe job. The truth is that it is actually very demanding and it includes many types of activities that have the potential of putting you at risk of injury. The number of tasks a grocery store employee must carry are increasing the probability of getting injured while on the job. If you’ve been injured on the job, it is a good idea to get in touch with a St. Louis work injury lawyer. They can help you recover lost wages and other benefits and you need to ensure that you get properly compensated.

Let’s explore some of the grocery store hazards that can lead to workers’ compensation claims.

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Slipping and Falling Injuries

The most common incidents that lead to injury in a grocery store are slipping and falling. Whether it’s because of wet floors, something spilled on the floor, improperly highlighted steps and doorsteps, or icy parking lots, your employer will probably have to take responsibility if they did not provide a safe working environment for you. Additionally, if the cause of your injuries is a third party, you may be able to sue them separately from the workers’ comp claim.

Getting Injured while Cooking or Preparing Food

Workers in the butchery and deli sections of the grocery store handle sharp knives, saws, and burners. Handling them, combined with a busy day, lack of rest, improper safety measures of negligence, can lead to very serious injuries.

Getting Struck by a Vehicle

Working in a grocery store can lead to vehicle-related injuries too. If an employee must regularly go to the store’s parking lot, they are exposed to moving vehicles all the time. Also, employees who handle vehicles themselves can suffer serious injuries if anything goes wrong.

Being Exposed to Violent Individuals

Violent individuals can be a potential hazard for grocery store employees, especially those working night shifts or who work in remote areas. Robbers and angry customers can easily injure and threaten grocery store employees, as they are often exposed and unarmed.

Being Exposed to Chemicals

Grocery store employees can be exposed to toxic chemicals when handling certain products. The lack of safety measures can lead to injuries.

Repetitive Movements

Some employees, such as cashiers have to do repetitive movements that can lead to long-term injuries and conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. Working in awkward positions and not having the proper equipment provided by the employer, such as ergonomic chairs can be an argument in a workers’ compensation claim.

Speak With a Workers Comp Attorney

If you have suffered any type of injury while on duty at the grocery store you work for, contact a St. Louis workers compensation lawyer and have them review the details of your case. If you qualify for workers compensation, they can help ensure your right to maximum compensation is protected right from the start of your claim.

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Updated: April 4, 2024