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7 Things Your Workers Compensation Doctor Will Want to Know

After being injured at work, one of the most important parts of the claim process is seeing a doctor.

As part of a neutral evaluation, you will be able to choose your doctor from a list that is generally provided by your employer.

Here are 7 things that you will need to talk about with your workers’ comp doctor. 

Insurance Number or Workers’ Compensation Claim Number

As this is part of a legal claim, you will generally need to provide information about your health insurance and/or the registration number of your workers’ comp claim. This is done because the doctor needs reassurance that their services will be paid. 

If you have the freedom to choose your doctor, be sure to mention that the examination will be used as evidence in your workers’ compensation claim. 

How the Accident Happened

Relating how the accident happened is important in determining the extent of your injuries and what method of diagnosis is best. You don’t have to talk about who is at fault, or anything else that’s not relevant to your health.

The Symptoms of Your Injury

One of the most important parts of your workers’ compensation medical exam is to describe your symptoms. Be sure not to exaggerate them or make them seem less than they are. Describe what you’re experiencing in the most objective way possible, and provide a journal if you have one. 

The Existence of Pre-Existing Injuries or Conditions

This subject should be approached with caution, as it’s one of the most common tactics of insurance companies to pay less: claiming that your damage is caused by something that happened before the work accident. 

If your work accident worsened a pre-existing condition, let the doctor know, but make sure to emphasize that your work conditions have directly led to an exacerbation of your injuries. 

The Pain and Suffering Level

If you are experiencing emotional or mental symptoms, be sure to mention it. Your doctor can refer you to a mental health specialist who will provide valuable evidence on the pain and suffering you are experiencing. 

The Nature of Your Work Duties

For the doctor to determine whether you’re allowed to go back to work, you have to describe your work’s nature and how it can affect your health. 

Your Medical History and Current Treatments

Let your doctor know about treatments you’re currently on, and provide relevant medical records. But you are not required to give them access to your entire medical history. 

As you can see, there are many things to be discussed with a workers’ compensation doctor, as they will have to make some educated assumptions and draw conclusions to serve as evidence in your claim. Their report will determine the settlement you’ll receive, the time you will spend off work, and other significant factors.

Before you see a workers’ comp doctor, speak with a St. Louis work injury attorney and make sure you know what kind of information you are required to provide and ensure that your legal rights are protected throughout the workers’ compensation process.

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Updated: January 11, 2021