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A Guide to Calculating Missouri Work Comp Benefits


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The state of Missouri has specific procedures to calculate workers’ comp benefits. There are certain equations that can be used to calculate the benefits available under the system. Employers are solely liable for any injuries caused to employees due to accidents at the workplace, irrespective of negligence or fault. The law also states that an injured employee cannot make a claim for tort damages through a court system and is only limited to certain statutorily scheduled benefits.

Calculating the Average Weekly Wage

The compensation rate is calculated on the basis of an employee’s average weekly wage. The average weekly wage is calculated by considering the past thirteen weeks before the date of injury, with an assumption that the employee has been working with the employer for the stated period of time.

All wages earned in those thirteen weeks are added and then divided by thirteen weeks. If an employee has worked less than thirteen weeks, the total wages summed are divided by the number of weeks worked. This simple equation will give the average weekly wage and it can be used to calculate the average weekly wages for most of the benefits available for work-related injuries. Compensation rates in Missouri are two-thirds of the total amount of the employee’s average weekly wage.

Permanent Partial Disability

The equation for permanent partial disability is (rate of compensation) x (level) x (disability percentage).

‘Level’ refers to the area of the body that suffers disability. The percentage of disability is a component of the equation that is determined by a medical expert. The Missouri workers’ compensation division uses a chart that denotes the values assigned to different body parts. When calculating benefits, it is essential to ascertain the body part affected by disability.

Temporary Total Disability

Temporary disability benefits are awarded to workers who suffer a temporary loss of earnings during recovery periods required to recuperate from a work-related injury. This compensation can be given to an injured employee only if the employee has not been able to return to work for more than three consecutive days or until the time the employee does not attain maximum medical improvement.

Death Benefits and Permanent Total Disability

The workers’ compensation equation can be used to calculate death benefits and permanent total disability as well.

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Updated: February 19, 2019
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