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A spouse is entitled to receive these benefits until death or remarriage.

If the work injury or disease results in death, the worker’s dependents may be entitled to a weekly check. The benefit is split equally between a surviving spouse and minor dependent children. A spouse is entitled to receive these benefits until death or remarriage. Minor children normally receive the benefit until the age of 18 but can be extended for a longer period under certain circumstances.

The right to workers compensation death benefits are usually created by state law and details of the program vary among the states. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the law in your particular jurisdiction. If you are the family member or dependent of an employee who died from an injury or sickness incurred in the course of his or her employment, a knowledgeable workers compensation attorney at the Law Office of James M. Hoffmann can advise you about workers compensation death benefits.


In most states, the designation of appropriate beneficiaries of workers compensation death benefits looks at two main relationships.

  • Dependents
  • Members of the deceased’s family or household

Death benefits are designed to provide monetary support for those people who will suffer most from the worker’s death. Naturally, those dependent upon the worker for financial support will be negatively impacted by the death. Some states differentiate between those wholly and those partially dependent, with a preference for naming the completely dependent people beneficiaries over those only partially dependent. In some states, partially dependent individuals receive reduced awards. Do not delay in obtaining legal advice and filing an application; your state probably has time limits for applying. A skilled workers compensation lawyer at the Law Office of James M. Hoffmann can answer your questions.

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