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Common Electrical Burn Injuries of St. Louis Construction Workers

St. Louis Construction workers are faced with a high risk of suffering electrical burn injuries.

Common Electrical Burn Injuries of St. Louis Construction Workers

Construction workers face many risks of serious injury and fatality every time they are at work. There are various factors in a construction site that increase the risk of accidents and potential injuries. Construction industries report more injuries and fatalities each year than any other industry.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there are four common types of accidents that cause the majority of construction worker fatalities. Electrocution is one of them and it can cause serious electrical burns and other life-altering injuries. In this post, St. Louis work related injury lawyer will discuss the common types of burns that construction workers can suffer.

Common types of burns construction workers suffer

The severity of electrical injuries depends on the path of the current in the worker’s body. If the current passes through brain, heart or any other vital organ, he could suffer extremely serious injuries or even death. The most common electrical burn injuries that construction workers suffer include:

True electrical burn: This type of burn is caused when electricity enters the worker’s body, often through the hand and exits where there is an exit wound. If the electricity travels to the worker’s heart, it can have deadly consequences.

Electrical arcs: These type of burns occur when the electricity passes from the ground through a person. Electrical arcs are caused when the worker has contact with a high tension power line. In such cases, electricity can travel through various parts of the body and result in multiple injuries.

Flash burns: Electrical contact can cause electrical arcs on the skin and the worker can suffer flash burns. These burns do not normally penetrate the skin, but they can cause burns to large areas of the worker’s body.

Flame burns: When an electrical charge sparks a fire, it can cause flame burns. A worker could suffer serious burns both from the initial electric shock and from the resulting fire. These injuries are often quite serious and can be life-threatening if not treated promptly.

Regardless of their type, burns caused by electricity can cause life-threatening and permanent damage to a worker’s internal organs. It can also lead to other serious injuries including spinal cord injuries, brain damage, and serious fractures.

If you have suffered electrical burns on your construction worksite, chances are that you required extensive treatment and prolonged hospitalization. Depending on the severity of the injuries, the recovery period can be long and you may have to take a long time off work.

The medical expenses can quickly spiral, and you may find yourself in a huge financial crisis especially at a time when you aren’t working and losing wages. Thankfully, workers compensation can take care of your medical expenses and part of wage loss. If you face any difficulty in getting the benefits you deserve, you should consult a competent St. Louis workers compensation lawyer.

Updated: May 16, 2024