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How Bicycle Riders Can Avoid Personal Injury

A little caution can help bicycle riders avoid many accidents.

bikes-in-laneMissouri personal injury lawyers have come across several personal injury cases that could have been avoided had the cyclist been a little more careful and responsible. As per the statistics available, in the year 2011 alone, a total of 677 cyclists had lost their lives in accidents, and another 48,000 were injured.

Tips to Avoid Accidents

So, based on the guidelines offered by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and their experience and expertise in handling such cases, Missouri personal injury lawyers have compiled some tips that can help bicycle riders avoid accidents. These tips are also directed towards parents of minor cyclists who are more prone to accidents:

• It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. Missouri personal injury attorneys stress that many cyclists suffer personal injury because they either do not wear a helmet, or wear a helmet that does not fit properly. So, it is important that bicyclists wear a helmet that fits well, and is strapped properly.

• Many accidents occur because motorists are unable to spot cyclists on the road. It happens in low light and during bad weather. So, cyclists must ensure that they dress in a way that can be easily seen by the motorists. Bright coloured or white clothes are easily visible both during the day and night. Reflective clothing is also a good option for bicyclists.

• It is vital for every cyclist to brush up on his/her skills. A bike workshop or some cycling classes can go a long way in teaching you the safest way to ride a bicycle. You must always remain in complete control of the bicycle. Never try to imitate the stunts performed by professionals as it can greatly increase the risk of accident.

• While riding a bicycle you must keep your eyes firmly on the road ahead. There might be some obstacles such as potholes on the road, which can cause you to fall and get injured. At driveways and intersections, you must always look on both sides to avoid an accident. It is possible that a car coming from a distance might not be able to see you, so you must remain watchful so as to safeguard yourself.

• Missouri personal injury lawyers suggest that as far as possible, one must not ride a bicycle at night, because at night, it is hard to see the bicyclist, and the chances of an accident become high. Bicyclists should equip their cycles with lights or reflectors to ensure that they are visible even in dim light.

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Updated: February 8, 2017