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Auto Accident Questions and Myths


Only an experienced St. Louis Car Accident Attorney can consider all factors and help get the maximum possible compensation for the losses suffered in the car accident.

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Common myths related to auto accidents:

1. Level of injury sustained depends on the nature and intensity of the accident

  • Several victims fail to claim their full compensation due to a lack of legal procedures. With the help of a lawyer, fair compensation can be availed for almost any injury. For example, even a slight impact on the head, neck or spinal cord can have severe physical damage and even lead to permanent paralysis. Some injuries are minor in nature but can deprive a person of his ability to work.

2. The driver of the bigger vehicle is always at fault

  • Several surveys convey the fact that in a car accident, the smaller vehicle is often at fault. Since it is difficult to balance larger vehicles, a small mistake by a driver in a small vehicle can cause an accident.

3. If it is a low-speed accident, the victims are safe

  • Although speed is a major factor in the intensity of the accident, it does not mean that low-speed accidents cannot cause severe damage. Often, there are hidden injuries that surface at a later stage. Also, due to adrenaline, people do not feel injuries at the time of the accident. So, it is highly advisable to seek medical attention after the accident.

4. A lawyer will not make a conclusive difference in the claim settlement value

  • By properly using the fine print and assessing your damages, a lawyer can make the most out of your claim.

Questions related to auto accidents:

What kinds of injuries are claimable under law?

  • Almost any injury for which the losses caused can be proven in a trial is claimable for compensation. If an insurance company is involved, you should check the type of injuries the respective company covers. Some states have specific laws and guidelines related to auto accidents.

Can I recover my losses in case of no insurance?

  • It is very hard to recover losses or even file for compensation if you don’t have insurance. But in rare cases, the victim does get compensation. On the other hand, in the case of under insurance, the insurance company covers the losses up to a certain limit.

Missouri Auto Accident Lawyer

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Updated: May 16, 2024
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