How Much Will I Receive for Workers Compensation Benefits?

Workers compensation law safeguards the interests of employees who become injured or ill at the workplace.

workers-comp-settlement-calculator-300x225Depending on the extent of an injury, the employee may be entitled to benefits under workers compensationMissouri workers compensation attorneys believe that there is a lot of confusion among workers as to how much they will receive for workers compensation benefits, and whether they will be paid a lump sum or receive structured payments. Employees are also sometimes unaware of their rights to file a dispute in case their claim is rejected, or if they are unsatisfied with the amount they are being offered.

Following are answers to the most common questions related to workers compensation benefits. The different benefits available under workers compensation are:

Permanent Partial Disability

If you have become partially impaired because of a work-related injury, you may be entitled to receive monetary benefits under workers compensation. Permanent partial disability benefits are given in cases where the injury has not rendered the employee totally disabled and they can still perform some work but of a lighter nature. Permanent partial disability benefits are commonly awarded in cases where:

• The injury has limited the work the employee can do.
• The worker underwent surgery under a workers compensation claim.
• The employer’s injury will never completely heal, or their body will never return to their pre-injury state.

In many cases, the employer may propose a settlement of permanent partial disability by offering a lump sum amount equal to or slightly less than the total benefits due. In return of this settlement, the employee has to give up their right to claim any future medical expenses, or their right to argue about the medical condition or nature and severity of the injury.

Temporary Total Disability

If the injuries have rendered an employee unfit to work for a specific period of time, they may be entitled for total or partial temporary disability benefits. In this case as well, the employer can offer a settlement amount equal to or less than the total amount likely to be awarded as temporary total disability benefits.

Medical Treatment Costs

If an employee has suffered injuries at the workplace, they may be entitled to receive medical care from the employer. In cases where the injuries are minor, the employee will only get their medical bills paid for by the employer.

Workers compensation system is quite a simple process, but there are times when the employer or insurance company may try to settle the claim for a far less amount than what the employee actually deserves. In such a situation, the injured employee should understand that they can file a dispute and request a hearing before the administrative law judge.

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Updated: September 28, 2016