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Is Your Employer Trying to Avoid Paying Workers Compensation?

Some employers may use a few sneaky tactics to lessen the amount of workers comp you’re entitled to or try to avoid paying compensation altogether.

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Companies have a responsibility to take care of their employees and provide a safe working environment. However, in spite of an employer’s efforts to ensure that proper safety regulations are put in place and their workers are safe from harm, work accidents can still happen. When they do, the law requires companies to carry workers compensation insurance and help their employees pay for their medical bills and account for their lost wages until they are back on their feet and ready to get back to work.

Although most employers have good intentions and are eager to help a team member overcome their illness or injury as quickly as possible, some may use a few sneaky tactics to lessen the amount or avoid paying compensation altogether. If you suspect that your employer is trying to deny you the compensation to save money, you should speak with a St. Louis work injury attorney as soon as possible. They can tell you about some of the most common tactics companies and insurance adjusters use to avoid providing compensation benefits to their employees.

Here are some of them.

Interrogating You When You Are Your Most Vulnerable

Insurance adjusters use every opportunity they got to use your words against you. That is why is paramount to pay close attention to what you say and when.

One tactic the adjuster may use to reduce the amount he has to pay is asking you tricky questions when you are your most vulnerable, such as immediately after you’ve suffered your injury or when you are under the influence of painkillers. They may try to get you to agree on statements such as “You suffered from lower back pain before the injury too, isn’t that right?”

Don’t answer any question if you are not certain of the outcome or don’t feel comfortable. Have your lawyer beside you and let them help you get through the tricky questions adjusters may ask.

Trying to Get You See a Doctor They Recommend

Your employer will want to see a doctor’s report to ensure that your injuries are as bad as you claim. Understandably, they might not trust your physician and ask you to undergo an independent medical exam. However, you should be wary when the employer suggests that you see a doctor of their choosing. If your manager has a pre-existing relationship with the physician, then you may get a biased diagnosis. And, the doctor’s recommendations can greatly influence the benefits you will receive. That is why it’s crucial to always get a second opinion from an independent doctor.

Speak With a Workers Comp Attorney

Even if your employer isn’t using any of these tricks to avoid paying compensation, you should always speak with an experienced St. Louis work injury lawyer. You should focus on recovering from your injury and not worrying about the legal hoops that may arise when trying to get compensation.

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Updated: April 4, 2024