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Missouri Injured at Work Attorneys – ACL Tears

The knee joint is especially susceptible to workplace injury.

acl tear workmens compensationAn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear is a painful injury that often requires surgery to repair. Workers such as plumbers and carpet layers are exposed to knee injuries because of the constant pressure they put on their knees while working.

Workplace Knee Injury

The knee joint is susceptible to workplace injury. It is a complex joint that carries the entire weight of your body and allows you to bend, swivel, and straighten. The most commonly reported knee injury is an ACL tear. An ACL tear can develop over time from the following injuries:

  • twisting the wrong way
  • slip and fall
  • struck by heavy object
  • lifting heavy items
  • repeated stooping and bending

Workplace ACL Tear – Diagnoses

ACL tears are often felt as a pop in the knee along with severe pain. A doctor will examine the knee for bruising, swelling, or deformity. An MRI may be used to look for damage to the ligaments. An ACL tear may require surgery and physical therapy to restore function. An injured worker may lose a significant amount of time from work because of the injury.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Work comp insurance is used to cover the costs of work-related injuries. Benefits include:

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Updated: July 28, 2016