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Medical Care Benefits

Missouri Workers Compensation Attorney -This benefit includes all costs for authorized medical testing and treatment, prescriptions and medical devices. There are no deductibles or co-pays.

Medical Care to Treat the Work Injury

This benefit includes all costs for authorized medical testing and treatment, prescriptions and medical devices. There are no deductibles or co-pays.However, the employer or its workers compensation insurance company has the right to choose the medical provider. In most situations, the employer and its insurance company are not required to pay for treatment the employee seeks without their authorization.

How do I get medical treatment for my work injury?

Under Missouri law, the employer (and not the insurance company) has the right to select the treating doctor in workers compensation cases. If you need to see a doctor for treatment as the result of an injury on the job, you should tell your employer you want to see a doctor. If your employer knows that you need treatment because of a compensable accident, you employer should tell you which doctor to see. If your employer does not refer you to any particular doctor, you should ask your employer which doctor your employer wants you to see. Since your employer has the right to select the treating doctor, your employer (and its insurance company) may not have to pay for your bills if you choose to go to our own doctor rather than to your employer’s authorized treating doctor.

Medical Bill Payment and Workers Compensation Lawyer

If you have suffered a serious workplace injury, you are entitled to workers compensation, and an important part of your settlement should include the payment of coverage of any medical expenses. At the Law Office of James M. Hoffmann in St. Louis, Missouri, we will make sure that your workers compensation settlement accounts for all your injuries and provides you with the benefits coverage you need to cover all your medical expenses.

As long as your injuries were received at work (while performing a task in the course of your job), workers compensation should cover 100% of your medical expenses. In most cases, your employer or insurance company has the right to determine who treats you, but if this is not appropriate (or there is no policy in place to make you see a preferred physician), our attorney can help you get to a different doctor. In many cases, an employer or insurance company is trying to get things done cheaply, and you will not have access to proper care. Do not panic – we are here to help.

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