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My Workers Comp Doctor Is Not Really Helping Me. What Are My Options?

Missouri workers who are injured soon discover a string attached to their worker’s comp case: they are unable to choose their doctor.

According to state laws, your employer has the right to choose the doctor who will be treating your worker’s comp injury. In reality, your employer will likely not concern themselves with this decision and let the insurance company decide instead. This can lead to some awkward situation, especially if you notice your worker’s comp doctor isn’t helping you.

What then?

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You Should Not Experience a Difference in the Quality of Care

Though the insurance company (or your employer) will choose the doctor treating your worker’s comp injury, they have no say in your medical treatment.

The insurance company prefers to choose the doctor because they have a relationship previously established with them, meaning they know the sort of treatments and medication they use, trust them and can handle the reimbursements a lot easier. In all honesty, dealing with a new doctor can take up a lot more time for them.

What If Your Doctor Isn’t Helping You? What Are Your Options?

Unfortunately, some doctors may provide sub-par care, or even treat their patients poorly. But when you are on worker’s comp, it may be more difficult to switch doctors while also retaining the benefits.

One option you have is to honestly speak to your employer about your situation, and tell them your doctor is not offering you adequate services. Your boss may be empathetic to your situation and allow you to switch to a new doctor, even if the insurance company may prefer that you don’t.

By far, the best option you have is to get in touch with a St. Louis worker’s compensation attorney to see what you can do based on your particular situation. It’s possible, with a help of a lawyer, to even get a second opinion on your medical cases, which can provide enough evidence to show your worker’s comp doctor was not offering the best care. In this instance, the insurance company can’t push back on your request to change doctors.

Additionally, if you have been treated poorly, you may also be entitled to seek compensation for medical malpractice, if your care resulted in additional injuries or worsened condition.

Speak With an Experienced Attorney in Missouri

If your worker’s comp doctor isn’t providing you with the best care, or you suspect your treatment is being influenced by the insurance company, please reach out to a St. Louis worker’s comp attorney right away.

With the help of a lawyer, you may be able to switch your worker’s comp doctors while still retaining your compensation benefits. Do not seek a different doctor on your own, as this may result in all your benefits stopping, and it may prove difficult to get them back.

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Updated: April 8, 2020