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Suspension Of Workers Compensation Benefits

In some cases, workers may discover that their workers compensation benefits have been suspended.

Getting workers compensation benefits for your injury or treatment can be a heavy load lifted off one’s shoulders. You know that if you get injured at work, this insurance policy will cover the costs of your medical bills, and even account for lost wages. Unfortunately, the stress and pains of your injuries don’t stop there, because in some cases workers may discover that their benefits have been suspended.

When this happens, it’s vital to know how to proceed. The best thing you can do is contact a St. Louis workers compensation attorney as soon as you are notified your benefits are suspended. By talking to them about your case, you can learn what are the best steps to take to get back these payments for your medical treatment.

What Does the Law Say?

According to the Missouri law, workers compensation benefits should be terminated once the person’s treatment is finished and they are able to return to work. The decision of whether you can or cannot return to work lies in the hands of your doctor, who will assess your condition and see if your health allows you to resume work activities.

Even if you still need to continue treatment, or have to go to doctor’s appointments regularly, as long as you are declared able to work, workers compensation benefits can be suspended, because there are no more ‘lost wages’ to account for. However, the insurance companies will still typically have to pay for all your medical costs, even if the compensation for lost wages was suspended.

However, you may feel like the decision of suspension is unjust. The physician responsible for your medical bills is chosen by the employer or the insurance company, and it’s possible they may try and persuade the doctor to sign off on declaring you fit for work. If you can return to work, but the employer claims they do not have any task you can handle, or cannot modify your workload to fit your conditions, unfortunately, the worker’s compensation benefits may legally still be suspended.

This situation can be quite frustrating when the medical bills are piling up. However, you can fight back.

Why You Should Speak with a Lawyer

If you feel your benefits have been wrongfully suspended, you can appeal this decision. For a better chance of getting back the compensation for lost wages, you should reach out to a St. Louis workers compensation lawyer and discuss your case with them.

With their help, you can even contest the decision by filing a claim with the Missouri Department of Labor, which can review your case and decide whether the suspension had any legal basis or not.

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Updated: April 4, 2024