The Lasting Effects of an Eye Injury

An average of 2,000 such injuries occur each day in the workplace. An eye injury is not something that people often associate with a work injury. However, an average of 2,000 such injuries occur each day in the workplace. Disability as a result can vary depending on the degree of blindness and whether it involves … Read more

Updated: March 20, 2018

The Farming Industry and Its Risk of No Insurance

On average 500 farm employees are injured on the job every day. Farms are one of the few businesses that are typically exempt from having to carry workman’s compensation insurance, but considering the risk of injury to their employees it would be prudent to invest in it. Considering the heavy machinery and equipment that they … Read more

Updated: February 9, 2018

Missouri Workers Compensation Settlement for Injured Concrete Worker

The Law Office of James M. Hoffmann settled a case for an injured Missouri concrete worker. A Missouri concrete worker suffered a December 1, 2004, on the job knee injury. The employee was working for a concrete company when he slipped off of a porch and injured his right knee. The Employer/Insurer provided care through … Read more

Updated: July 30, 2020

Employees File Asbestos Lawsuit Against MO Electric Company

danger asbestos sign

If the allegations are to be believed then employees were expected to work with materials tainted with asbestos. An electric company in Missouri has been accused by employees of exposing them to asbestos over a period of time, putting them at risk of developing asbestosis, mesothelioma, and other serious conditions while they worked for the … Read more

Updated: November 11, 2019

Can The Missouri Second Injury Fund Help You?

The second injury fund is set up for employees who suffer a work place injury that aggravates or worsens a previous one. It is also meant to help employers who hire a worker with a disability or handicap. The second injury fund is funded by insurance companies that cover workers’ compensation and is overseen by … Read more

Updated: July 27, 2021

A Guide for Missouri Workers Injured on the Job

If you have been injured on the job, it is important to keep in mind the answers to these commonly asked questions regarding Missouri workers compensation. What Injuries Are Compensable? There are many different types of injuries that can occur in the workplace. Some occupations, like construction, might be more dangerous and have an increased … Read more

Updated: October 13, 2022