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Can You Claim St Louis Work Comp Benefits for a Stress Related Illness?


Filing a claim for a work-related stress illness is difficult but not impossible.

Stress related illness

Workers compensation is something we can claim if we have an injury at work such as a trip or fall, or if we become ill due to our work conditions. But one common problem at work is stress related illnesses. Can you claim workers compensation benefit for stress related issues? It is possible, but it is not at all clear cut.

Proving a Stress Related Illness

When you’ve suffered from a work injury, putting in a claim for compensation is fairly straightforward. It’s a common occurrence that any workers compensation attorney will have dealt with many times. There is physical evidence, and a medical report can help to back up your claim. If you’ve fallen at work and broken your leg, there’s really no disputing that, especially if there were witnesses to the accident. Stress is much harder to prove, and much harder to pin down to a particular job. Even if a doctor confirms you are stressed, our lives are full of stress. It’s so hard to prove that your stress is due to your job and not due to some other factor, perhaps family issues or simply a lack of sleep for instance.

Additionally, all jobs come with some level of stress and some positions are more stressful than others. To claim workers compensation benefits, you need to prove that the stress levels in your job are higher than should be acceptable for your particular position.

The workers compensation insurer will speak with your supervisors and colleagues. They will try to determine whether or not the job is the only source of stress in your life. If other people are doing the same high stress job without any problems, it may be very difficult to make a claim. Just the fact that you don’t cope well with work related stress is not grounds for a claim.

Work-Related Stress can Lead to Illnesses

It has been shown that stress can be bad for your mental state, but it can also manifest in physical symptoms. It can cause headaches and digestive problems. It can aggravate asthma and studies have shown that stress can lead to obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Claiming compensation for stress-related illnesses due to working conditions is hard but it is not impossible. If you truly feel that your stress has been solely caused by your job and it has made you ill and unable to live your life as you would wish to, then it’s important to speak to a St Louis workers compensation attorney. They will be able to listen to your information and determine whether or not they think you have a case.

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Updated: February 9, 2018
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