Why Your Claim May Be Denied Even If You Have Lifetime Coverage Under Workers Comp

Workers compensation laws are a fairly complex piece of legislation, and it can be very difficult to go through them without a broader understanding of the legal system. When you apply for workers compensation benefits, you may be asked to make a very important decision: settle the claim or keep lifetime medical coverage. However, without … Read more

What If You Get Injured While Entering or Leaving the Workplace?

If you have been injured at work and believe that you are entitled to benefits, do not let your employer or insurance company deny your benefits. While workers compensation laws are very effective in getting injured workers financial relief in the event of an accident, it’s not without limitations. In the state of Missouri, workers … Read more

Updated: February 4, 2023

Why Haven’t I Received My Benefits Yet? 5 Potential Problems to Consider

It is possible for some issues to arise that can either delay approval or keep you from receiving your benefits. Workers compensation can give some financial relief to injured workers. When the medical bills are piling up, you need to know you can cover them. But even if the law says you are entitled to … Read more

Updated: June 26, 2019

Will Workers Compensation Insurance Pay for My Physical Therapy?

Work Injury Lawyers St. Louis

If you meet the requirements, your workers compensation benefits should cover the cost of your physical therapy treatment. Physical therapy (PT) is one of the most common types of medical treatment following a work injury claim. Doctors often prescribe physical therapy as a medical treatment for a number of different work injuries. If the doctor … Read more

Updated: April 29, 2019

Suspension Of Workers Compensation Benefits

In some cases, workers may discover that their workers compensation benefits have been suspended. Getting workers compensation benefits for your injury or treatment can be a heavy load lifted off one’s shoulders. You know that if you get injured at work, this insurance policy will cover the costs of your medical bills, and even account … Read more

Updated: March 11, 2022

Could Your Employer’s Wellness Program Affect Your Worker’s Comp Claim?

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The problem with these practices is that insurance companies tend to use the information in the detriment of the employee. Most employers nowadays try to make the work environment as engaging as possible for their employees. Whether we are talking about free breakfast, break rooms, or training programs, companies offer these perks to increase employee … Read more

Updated: March 30, 2019