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How to Prepare for an Independent Medical Examination in St. Louis

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Review your medical history, document symptoms, be honest during the exam, and consider consulting a workers’ comp attorney in St. Louis. When you’ve been injured on the job in St. Louis, navigating the workers’ compensation process can be overwhelming. A critical step in this journey may involve undergoing an Independent Medical Examination (IME). The purpose … Read more

Your Doctor Says Your Ready to Go Back to Work but You Disagree

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If you don’t feel as if you are ready to return to work, you are entitled to seek the diagnosis of another specialist. Workers’ compensation is insurance coverage that is taken out by an employer to ensure that they have the means to pay for an employee’s injuries if they are hurt while on the job, … Read more

Updated: March 29, 2018

Do I Have to Comply With a Request For an Independent Medical Evaluation?

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By denying the IME, you risk losing your workers compensation claim and ending up with nothing. It is a law in the state of Missouri that all businesses or organizations with employees carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage. It’s not just used to cover an injured employee if they are hurt, it also ensures that one … Read more

Updated: February 20, 2024

What if You Have an IME and it Differs from Your Physician’s Diagnosis?

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If the IME does not reach the same conclusion as your doctor, then you do have a right to appeal the IME’s decision. Workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory coverage that an employer is legally required to have in the state of Missouri. Designed to protect both employer and employee, it gives the employee a safety … Read more

Updated: February 15, 2018

Injured at Work? Your Responsibilities Regarding Your Claim

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You have an obligation to mitigate your injuries and return to work when you are able. When you are a business owner in Missouri, it is mandatory that you carry workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation covers both the employer and the employee should someone be injured while on the job. As a way of protecting … Read more

Updated: January 30, 2018