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What Can You Do If Your Manager Claims You Never Reported Your Work Injury?


Reporting a work injury is very important because it’s one of the first pieces of evidence in your workers’ comp claim. 

When a worker is injured, workers’ compensation is meant to protect them financially while they have medical bills to pay and lost wages to deal with. Reporting a work injury is very important because it’s one of the first pieces of evidence in your workers’ comp claim. 

Being late in reporting your injury or not doing it at all, for whatever reason, can hurt your claim and even make you ineligible to get compensation. However, what happens when you did report the injury to your manager, and now they are saying that you didn’t?

Many employees face hostile attitudes from their employers after they file a work injury claim. Some are even threatened to lose their job if they don’t return to work sooner, or if they make an official claim. Such threats are illegal and should be fought against in court if you actually have a case of discrimination. 

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Can My Manager Deny that I Ever Reported My Work Injury?

That depends a lot on the first actions you took after your work-related accident happened. In the best case, you have reported your accident right after it happened, and you did it in writing. 

Sometimes, a written report is not necessary, if a reliable witness was present when you reported your accident verbally. Witnesses to the accident can also give weight to your statements, in case your employer doubts them in any way.

If you are a member of a union, remember to also report to your union’s representative, as they can step up when needed. 

How to Prove the Injury Without a Written Report?

If you did not report your injury in writing, and your employer denies getting a report from you in time, you can gather other types of evidence to support your claim. Security camera footage, witness accounts, and medical records can all be used to prove the circumstances and nature of your injuries. 

It can be quite unpleasant to deal with a confrontational or straight-forward lying manager, on top of dealing with your recovery. If your manager is trying to compromise your workers’ comp claim, be very thorough in gathering medical records and other evidence while your claim is still active. Re-read your employment contract and look for any clause that refers to work-accidents, missing work, reporting, and so on.

Benefit From An Experienced Work Injury Lawyer

Get in contact with an experienced St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyer, as they will know exactly what they can and can’t do to move your case forward. In the meantime, focus on your medical treatments and follow your doctor’s orders closely. Your lawyer will handle all the legal intricacies of your case and work to get you the full amount of compensation you are legally entitled to.

Updated: July 21, 2020
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