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What to Do if You’re a Nanny and Are Injured On the Job


Even if you’re not eligible through the work comp system, there might be other ways to get your injuries paid for.

Nanny Work Comp Benefits

In Missouri, a company or business is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation is coverage that is meant to pay for an employee’s injuries if they are hurt while they are performing work-related duties. However, workers’ compensation is not an option for everyone who is employed in Missouri. There are some industries and work arrangements that are not covered by the workers’ compensation laws.

One such situation is when you are independently employed by an individual. Since an individual is not a company or business, in most cases they are not required to provide workers’ compensation for their employees. One instance would be a nanny or babysitter. It is rarely the case that a nanny would be covered by workers’ compensation unless they worked in a nursery or other business that was owned by an employer.

What to Do if You Are injured?

If you are injured while you are working as a nanny and you are not eligible for workers’ compensation, that does not mean that you don’t have any recourse to get your injuries and/or damages paid. If you were injured while working at someone else’s home, your injuries might be covered by their homeowners’ insurance policy, depending on what those injuries are. If you are on their premises and you hurt yourself, then it might be possible to file a claim against your employer’s homeowners’ insurance.

If you were injured through your boss’s negligence – or were intentionally hurt by your boss – then you might have a case for personal injury. To sue for personal injury, you would have to prove that a dangerous condition existed that led to your injury. You would also need to show that your employer knew that the danger existed, that they did nothing to make it better and that you were injured directly as a result of the dangerous condition.

You can also sue if your employer intentionally hurts you. For instance, if your employer told the neighbors that you were a horrible nanny or something else that tainted your reputation or stopped you from getting other jobs, then you might be able to sue them for slander. If they intentionally harmed you, either physically or financially, then you might be eligible to take them to court.

St. Louis Work Accident Attorney

If you are in an industry in Missouri where workers’ compensation insurance is not mandatory or where you aren’t covered through workers’ compensation, then although you might not be eligible through the system, there might be other ways to get your injuries paid for. The first place to start to determine if you are eligible for any kind of compensation is by contacting a St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyer to review your situation.

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Updated: February 1, 2019
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