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Workers Compensation and St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyer Case Results

The Law Office of James M. Hoffman has successfully collected over $50,000,000 for workers compensation and personal injury clients throughout Missouri.

While other law offices will list default judgments they never collected a penny from, attorney James M. Hoffmann has collected the FULL AMOUNT for EVERY case listed below.

Thus far in 2012, a year of insurance companies denying case after case, the Law Office of James M. Hoffmann has recovered in the first 5 months of 2012 close to $1,000,000 in settlements and verdicts.  This figure does not include millions of dollars also recovered for past and future medical benefits and recovered for past and future wage benefits.

Truck Accident Settlement: A young lady in southern Missouri was rear ended by and 18 wheeler. She suffered a severe case of whiplash, or strains and sprains of the muscles and ligaments in her neck.  As no offered was made by the trucker’s insurance company, the law office of James M. Hoffmann obtained an initial settlement offer. After filing suit and during the discovery process, the case settled for an additional, larger amount.

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Workers Compensation Settlement: A city worker who performed hard labor such as cleaning out water basins with a fire hose, clearing weeds and brush, and concrete work was diagnosed with a herniated disc in his neck and degenerative disc disease or DDD.  The workers compensation insurance carrier denied the case alleging that the worker’s neck condition was age related and not due to hard work performed over the years.  After we deposed our expert witnesses and immediately before trial, the city settled, agreeing to be responsible for all medical bills (a hold harmless agreement), and agreeing to provided pain management and other future medical care, for life, to cure and relive the effects of the neck injury.

Permanent Partial Disability: Warehouse worker suffered repetitive use injury to his neck from years of hard work.  The worker’s compensation carrier initially denied the claim.  After filing a hardship and retaining expert witnesses, the employer/insurer agreed to provide medical care.  A two cervical fusion was performed.  The employer/insurer paid in excess of $100,000 for medical bills and wage loss.  Employee returned to work.  After deposing experts and preparing for trial, the case settled for permanent partial disability.

Car Accident Settlement: Driver swerved to miss a car and struck a pole.  Treatment at emergency room included a CT scan which revealed a small bulge in his neck. As the other driver left the accident scene, an uninsured motorist claim was filed against the driver’s insurance policy.

Workers Compensation Settlement: Security officer was participating in self defense class.  Part of the training included hands on techniques during which other officers wrestled client to the ground.  Later that day client felt low back pain.  Employer/denied the case alleging that officer failed to report an injury.  Initial emergency records stated that cause low back pain was unknown.  Officer suffered a herniated disc in his low back. Causation was disputed by the workers compensation insurer.

Fractured Kneecap at Work: Store worker suffered fractured kneecap at work.  Surgery was required to wire kneecap pieces together.  Before trial, case settled for future medical costs and an additional amount.

Second Injury Fund Verdict: Boeing worker injured low back from years of maintenance work.  Workers compensation insurance carrier paid for wage loss and lumbar disc replacement procedure for a herniated disc.  Records revealed hand numbness so claim for carpal tunnel was filed as well.  The case was settled and the employee returned to work.  Permanent partial disability claim went to trial against the Second Injury Fund, or SIF.  Client received a trial award.

Workers Compensation: Machinist felt shoulder pain while using pipe wrench to tighten bolts above shoulder level.  Treatment obtained included rotator cuff surgery and therapy.  Workers compensation insurer paid all medical bills and wage loss, or TTD.

Permanent Partial Disability: Construction worker fell from scaffolding and fractured low back vertebrae, pelvis, and ankles.  Surgery was required for one ankle.  Worker returned to work full duty with no restricitions.  Prior to trial, the workers compensation insurance carrier offered no settlement.  Employee was sent to experts for opinions and experts were deposed for trial.  Week before trial case settled for PPD, or permanent partial disability.

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Updated: June 17, 2013