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Understanding the True Value of Your Workers Comp Claim

Seek the advice of a workers compensation to attorney BEFORE settling to determine the true value of your claim.

workmans-comp-lawyerInsurance adjustors for workman’s compensation know that if you were injured on the job, their company will eventually have to fork over the money for your treatment. That is the very nature of no fault insurance. Liability need not be proven. Their goal is to minimize the amount that is paid out to you, and will often try to offer a fast settlement in order to avoid having to factor in the cost of your future medical care. Do not fall for this trick. If you were hurt on the job, accept no offers from the insurance company without first consulting with a Missouri workman’s comp attorney.

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Settling Your Claim

Insurance adjustors are well trained in their area of expertise. They have seen hundreds of thousands of cases similar to yours with similar injury and often have a pretty good idea of what it is worth. That’s why it is generally agreed upon that the quicker the settlement offer, the higher the claims value. If the adjustor sees potential for a substantial amount of future medical care and lost wages, they are going to pressure you into accepting an offer before you realize the extent of your disability.

Take for example the case of a Missouri roofer who suffered from multiple bone fractures after a fall from his scaffolding. Upfront the insurance company offered a total of $73,000: $32,000 for the injury and $41,000 for future medical expenses. His lawyers obtained expert testimony that showed the permanent nature of the injuries and what type of medical care was going to be necessary in the future. Upon reading these depositions, the insurance company agreed to a $350,000 settlement plus lifetime medical care, to include more surgery if needed.

In that case the insurance adjustors likely recognized that the plaintiff was going to need expensive medical treatments for his injuries for the rest of his life. They were trying to avoid having to pay for that. Fortunately, the defendant in this case made the wise choice of retaining an attorney before accepting that settlement. Had he not, he may have been facing a multitude of medical expenses in the future. Depending on the circumstance and need, a lump sum settlement can be accepted or a structured one, where the benefits will be paid out over a period of time. A Missouri workman’s compensation attorney can help you decide which is better for you.

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Years of experience has given workers compensation attorneys, like the insurance adjustors, a very good idea of a claims true value. They have the means and the know-how to arm your case with expert reports and testimony that can only serve to help you reach a compensation amount that is fair for your circumstance.

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Updated: November 6, 2019