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Pelvic Fractures and Missouri Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Missouri workers who suffer from a pelvic fracture while working are entitled to quality medical care at the employer’s expense.

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Pelvic fractures are either a crack or break in one or more of the bones that make up the pelvis. This is the bone structure at the base of your spine which we commonly refer to as the hip. A fracture to this area of the body can be life-threatening, and requires immediate medical attention.

Missouri workers who suffer from a pelvic fracture while working are entitled to quality medical care at the employer’s expense. Although rare, an individual who works regularly at great heights, or drives as a part of their workday, are at risk for an accident which can cause pelvic fractures. If you find that your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance is not providing you with the benefits you are entitled to, call our offices and ask for a consultation with James M. Hoffmann. With years of experience in navigating Missouri workers’ comp claims, he can see whether your employer is providing you with the benefits mandated by law.

What Causes Pelvic Fractures?

Pelvic fractures in the workplace are typically caused by a traumatic impact to the hip area. This could be from a car accident or from a fall from a great height. Roofers, truck drivers and construction workers all are at risk of a work place accident that could lead to a pelvic fracture. The impact can cause small cracks in the bone or a large break, resulting in great pain and inability to walk. Older Missouri workers who are suffering from illnesses which weaken bone density such as osteoporosis are at higher risk of a pelvic fracture, even from a minor slip or fall accident.

The Symptoms of a Pelvis Fracture

Pelvic fractures will cause pain in the groin area and hip or lower back which worsens when you attempt to walk or move your legs. You could also feel abdominal pain, leg numbness and unexplained bleeding when using the bathroom. Because of the location of the pelvis and its proximity to vital organs, other complications are not unusual with this type of bone break.

Diagnosing Pelvic Fractures

After hearing the details of your work related accident, a physician will examine your hip area for the presence of any bone tenderness, but will only be able to give an accurate diagnosis with an imaging exam. Not only will they be looking for signs of a fracture, they will be checking the organs within the pelvis ring for any signs of trauma or bleeding. Once they can clearly see the extent of the injury, they will develop a treatment plan for the pelvic fracture.

How are Pelvic Fractures Treated?

When the fracture to the pelvis is mild, a Missouri worker will be administered pain and anti-inflammatory medications and ordered to rest. Physical therapy will most likely be started once the pain has been managed and signs of healing are noted.

Sever pelvic fractures can be life threatening events that necessitate immediate medical care. Once you have been stabilized an orthopaedic surgeon will assess whether or not surgery is an option in your circumstance. This involves using artificial medical devices like surgical pins and screws to hold the pelvis together and in place. Recovery from this type of surgery may take months of bed rest and therapy before you are able to return to work.

Pelvic Fractures and Work Comp Benefits

Workers’ compensation benefits will be provided to any employee who suffers from a pelvic fracture while on the job. This should include all of the medical costs for the treatment and recovery along with a percentage of your lost wages. In mild cases, the insurance company may try and argue that a pre-existing condition like osteoporosis is the underlying cause of the fracture, not your occupation.

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