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Oil and Gas Workers at an Increased Risk Of Injury


Workers in the oil and gas industry are exposed to some of the most hazardous workplace conditions in the United

It is not uncommon for injuries sustained in workplace accidents in these injuries to result in very serious physical damage or even death. Oil and gas accidents can be extremely serious and can have devastating impacts for workers and their families.

Because the severity of these injuries can be so great, recovery can ongoing and incredibly expensive. And because of the availability of jobs in the oil and gas industry and the pay many workers are attracted to these jobs in spite of the danger. Accidents may result from carelessness, failure to maintain equipment, improper training, inadequate communication, or lack of safety procedures. Accidents in any work environment can happen because of these issues but in the oil and gas industry the stakes are usually higher. When an accident occurs it can involve explosions, fires, terrible traffic accidents, toxic chemical exposure, etc. Injuries can be catastrophic.

Workers’ compensation should typically cover any injuries that result from workplace accidents in the oil and gas industry, but sometimes the expenses can be so great that the benefits you receive from workers’ comp payments or a settlement may not cover all of the medical expenses or lost wages you experience. After being involved in a serious workplace accident, it will benefit you to get in contact with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Other industries like construction, also have the high possibility of serious injuries in the event of an accident, and can be extremely dangerous. Injured workers deserve to have their rights protected should retain the advice of an experienced attorney in order to obtain full compensation.

Like construction, determining liability in an oil and gas accident can get complicated. This is because there are often third parties involved on site. In most cases injured workers are limited to workers compensation benefits as the sole remedy for their injuries. But with the involvement of a third party you may be able to seek additional compensation from that party as well.

As the oil and gas industry continues to grow, so does the number of fatal occupational injuries. Many oil and gas accidents happen because of workers who are either insufficiently trained or are not provided with the right safety equipment. Brain injuries, spinal injuries, fractures, injuries from falls, and burns are the most common types of injuries sustained in oil and gas accidents. Being struck by falling objects or machinery and highway motor vehicle crashes account for nearly half of all oil and gas accidents. Gas explosion injuries and chemical burns are unfortunately some other common causes of injuries.

St. Louis Workers Compensation Attorney

Getting in touch with a St. Louis workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible is important following a workplace accident. The oil and gas boom may be good for the economy, but sadly the rapid increase in spots to fill means that there is an increased number of younger, inexperienced workers stepping up to do these dangerous jobs. In many cases they do not receive the proper amount of training before they are allowed to begin. This can create unsafe working conditions for many other workers. It is also not uncommon for companies to eschew safety procedures, favoring speed instead. But this is not an industry where ignoring any safety measures is acceptable. Even if every precaution were to be taken, these jobs would still be dangerous. It is important that companies are held responsible for their actions and that workers receive the full compensation to which they are entitled.

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Updated: November 9, 2022
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