11 Dangers of Sitting at a Desk for Too Long

Despite a wide variety of ergonomic products on the market, office workers are still suffering damage to their bodies from sitting too long.

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Many people have to spend extended hours or even a full day at their desk. Today, a wide variety of ergonomic products are available in the market, office workers are still suffering lasting damage to their bodies due to their sedentary lifestyle. Experts believe that there is a strong link between sitting and mortality risk. Business Insider has published a list of 11 adverse effects that sitting at the desk for long time can have on a worker’s body. In this post, we will discuss these adverse effects:

Low Energy Expenditure

Sitting at the desk for too long reduces non-exercise activity, which is a large component of the total energy expenditure. It increases the chances of obesity, Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases.

Poor Posture

Sitting for prolonged period can cause the pelvic to rotate back backwards and this puts pressure on the lumbar discs. This causes the shoulders to curve and head to bend forward.

Slower Metabolism

Prolonged sitting causes decreased muscle contractions, which slows clearance of fat from the blood. It also decreases the effect of insulin.

Back and Spine Injury

Static and prolonged loading of tissues over time can put undue pressure on the lower back and stress the surrounding joints and muscles.


Using computer as the only form of communication reduces the size of the person’s social circle and the worker may start feeling lonely and depressed. Staying indoors also reduces Vitamin D intake and this further leads to depression.

Metabolic Syndrome

Studies have shown that sitting for prolonged period can lead to metabolic syndrome.

Reduced Social Skills

Most office workers interact solely over the internet and this causes a decline in social environment and physical well-being.

Chronic Pain

Poor sitting postures associated with long periods of sitting put excessive pressure on lower back. It causes pain that can eventually become a symptom of a chronic disease.


Sedentary lifestyles have long been associated with obesity. Sitting for long periods reduces worker’s energy expenditure as the major muscle groups are not being exercised. Over time, this can lead to weight gain and obesity.

Rheumatic Disorders

Excessive sitting can also lead to wear and tear of the joints and eventually lead to chronic disorders such as rheumatic disorder.


Sitting at the desk for a prolonged time can impair the body’s ability to metabolize blood sugar and cause a reduced sensitivity to insulin, the hormone that carries glucose from blood to various cells to be used for energy. This can ultimately lead to Diabetes.

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Sitting at desk for too long is also known to increase the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. So, it is important to take frequent breaks and maintain an active lifestyle.

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Updated: March 27, 2018