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St. Louis Workplace Accidents and Nail Gun Injuries


Our St. Louis work injury attorney helps individuals who get injured at work and who qualify for work comp benefits.

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Nail guns are a convenient tool that is used in the construction and carpentry industry. Nail guns are also widely used as a home tool and by individuals interested in do-it-yourself carpentry and other hobby-related crafts. Nail guns were invented in the year 1950 for the construction industry, in a bid to expedite faster completion of work, especially when the usual nail-and-hammer way would take days to finish. Nail guns are a dangerous tool used by workers, resulting in a number of work-related injuries every year.

Types of Nail Guns

  • Contact trigger – This type of nail gun allows for firing multiple shots. This is done by pressing one trigger down, with the nose of the gun placed against the surface and then releasing the nail. Contact trigger guns work faster and are more likely to cause injuries.
  • Sequential trigger – Sequential trigger guns fire one nail at a time, by pressing one trigger and then the second sequentially, to fire one nail. This step has to be repeated for each nail. Though sequential guns take a longer amount of time to complete the same amount of work, they are safer to use.

Injuries Caused by Nail Guns

According to data collected, almost 40,000 individuals report to the emergency room with nail gun-related injuries per year. Almost all injuries that are reported are puncture wounds caused by nail guns. The most common injuries are to the hands, legs, and arms. Though some of these injuries are reported, a large number of injuries are not reported, as many prefer to use first aid at home. There are also a large number of cases where nail gun injuries are reported only after the wound becomes infected, needing the attention of an emergency room.

Avoiding Nail Gun Injuries

Any individual using a nail gun should learn how to safely use a nail gun. Invest the time in reading the instruction manual before operating a nail gun. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has placed standards and regulations for construction companies to ensure adequate training for workers using such equipment. For home users and individuals, it is safer to make a wise choice during purchase and opt for a sequential trigger nail gun that is a little slower to work, rather than a contact trigger gun, that is faster yet more dangerous.

Legal Help for Work-Related Injuries

Individuals who get injured at work may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. If you are having difficulty receiving your rightful benefits, contact a St. Louis work injury attorney to discuss your situation. Call The Law Office of James M. Hoffmann at (314) 361-4300.

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Updated: November 8, 2019
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