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Workman’s Compensation Claims for Mining Accidents

Coal mining is a dangerous occupation that could cause many different types of injuries and disease to those employed.

coal-mine-accidentMost commonly known are lung diseases like black lung or injuries sustained in a cave in. With the heavy machinery involved and tight quarters, there are dozens of other ways a coal miner can be injured. If you have been involved in a coal mining accident and need help in claiming your workman’s compensation, ask a Missouri workman’s compensation attorney for assistance.

The Dangers of Coal Mining

Missourians are most familiar with coal mining, which is the extraction of coal from the earth for fuel, but there are mining industries all across the United States and around the globe that mine for anything from salt to diamonds. The risk of an accident is high and almost always involves a serious injury due to the heavy nature of the work involved.

Just this past November, a Colorado mining accident left two workers dead and twenty injured after a planned explosion released deadly carbon monoxide into the small chambers. Despite the use of safety masks, two of the workers were found dead inside. This type of unforeseeable event is what makes mining such a dangerous industry for its employees.

Trapped Under Fallen Rocks

There are a number of physical hazards associated with the mining industry. Workers could be hurt by the heavy machinery used, heavy dust exposure, and heavy lifting. While all mines employ strict safety measures, accidents still occur. Like the one in a Missouri coal mine, where a female employee was injured when she was trapped under a pile of fallen rocks for some time. Injuries were sustained in several places on her body which caused continuing problems long after the accident. Attorney’s helped her secure lifetime workman’s compensation for her permanent disability as well as a lump sum payment of $90,000.

As a result of the remote location of most mines, there will be a nurse or doctor on staff available to treat minor injuries and assess more serious ones on a daily basis. The operators of mines who employ these kinds of safety measures as well as comply with OSHA rules and regulations typically have a lower occurrence of major accidents than those that do not stress safety with their employees.

A Considerable Expense for Owners

The high risk of injury to miners makes workman’s compensation insurance very expensive for their owners. Some larger mines will even self insure in order to avoid paying high premiums. For this reason they may try and downplay the significance of your injury or claim it was a pre-existing condition not caused by an accident to avoid having to pay. The typical yearly salary of a miner is around $60,000. If there is a permanent disability they will be paying a portion of that high salary indefinitely.

If you are hurt while working inside a Missouri mine, it is important to follow the procedure for seeking medical treatment laid out by your employer. Any claim denials should be brought to the attention of The Law Office of James M. Hoffmann who will investigate the reason behind the denial and help you fight to have it overturned.

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Updated: January 31, 2017