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Work Injury Lawyer St. Louis – Contact with Objects and Equipment Injury

If you suffer a work-related injury at the workplace, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses and wage loss benefits.

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work-related injury can occur when a worker is struck by a rolling, flying, or falling object or due to persistent exposure to harmful chemicals at the workplace. Other work-related injuries are caused from slips and falls, fire hazards, explosions, and physical attacks at the workplace.

Statistics show that injuries from contact with objects or equipment are common in many workplaces. For example, you may get struck by a moving object or knock into a solid, static object at the workplace. Another example could be a flying object hitting a worker. If you work with a nail gun, you may suffer an injury from contact with a nail. If you work in a factory where the falling of heavy objects are common, you are exposed to higher risk of suffering an injury from contact with rolling or falling objects.  It is advisable to speak with an experienced Missouri work injury lawyer to know exactly what you are entitled to and how to protect your legal rights.

Workers Exposed to Higher Risk of Contact with Objects and Equipment Injuries

Many types of jobs involve some amount of risk from contact with objects and equipment. The following workers are exposed to higher risk of such injuries:

  • construction workers
  • manufacturing workers
  • assembly line workers
  • automobile mechanics
  • mine workers
  • highway workers
  • carpenters

Types of Injuries Caused by Contact with Objects and Equipment

Missouri Work Injury Lawyer

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Updated: January 31, 2017